10 tips on how to choose beads for embroidery

So you have decided to try a new craft – embroidery with beads. In this article I would like to give you some practical tips so that your work gives you maximum pleasure and minimum difficulties. In a previous post you have learned different TYPES OF BEADS, their sizes, colors and shapes. Now it is important to understand how to choose the best beads for embroidery, what criteria to take into account and what not to do.

How to choose beads for embroidery project:

1. Before you buy, make sure to check the size of the beads in each package – all beads have to be the same size. If you buy your beads and they end up being of a bad quality and not calibrated it can easily ruin your embroidery and even your day.

2. If you are using color lined or silver lined seed beads, please keep in mind that these beads might lose their color over time. Therefore they are not recommended for embroidery of clothes  or anything that might need to be washed. These beads are mostly used in embroidery of pictures as transitional shades. If you notice any remains of color on your fingers whilst embroidering, do not expect their durability.

3. When buying tube shaped beads, please pay attention to their edges. They should all have straight edges, otherwise sooner or later the edge will cut the thread.

4. If you are using multiple colors in your embroidery project, make sure the size of the beads is the same for all colors.

5. Also when selecting beads for embroidery you should pay attention to their holes. They must be open and with the same diameter. Enlarging the hole will be impossible, so if you are hesitating, better not buy.

6. Make sure your needle has an appropriate size and can easily pass through the hole of the beads.

7. For ornamental motifs, opaque matte beads will be more appropriate, especially if the embroidery is done on a dark background. Transparent beads are going to look lost on this background. Light colored beads also look better on a darker background.

8. Transparent beads placed in the middle of dark mattes will look lost and not visible.

9. Bead brands do matter! Although, seed beads come in standard sizes, think of them like clothes. A size 11 in one retailer may be slightly different to a size 11 in another. The difference might be small, but it is large enough to affect your embroidery. 

10. The colors that best withstand washing, friction and the sun are transparent and opaques. The color lined and metallic ones have a superficial coat that makes them more delicate.

I hope you liked our tips and finally, never forget to use only high quality beads, as it will hugely affect the result of your embroidery work. Now, if you are following a pattern, then you have no choice but to use beads specified by the manufacturer. That includes using the correct brands and the correct quantities of each color. We have made this easier for you by matching the beads to the embroidery designs and prepared full kits for you to purchase and not have to worry about the quality or the amount of beads needed for each design. In our online shop you will find bead embroidery kits for all tastes and levels of difficulty.


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