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How to Embroider with Beads – 3 Main Techniques and Stitches

Embroidery with beads is a beautiful and rewarding craft that allows you to create intricate and stunning designs. However, if you are new to this craft, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. After choosing the right embroidery pattern, beads and preparing your tools, the next important step is to learn the embroidery […]

3 Most Important Embroidery Tools You Need to Use

As with most crafts, getting started on bead embroidery can seem daunting when you consider the huge variety of tools available on the market. But actually, bead embroidery does not require many special tools or supplies beyond the basics: scissors, needles and threads. But what qualities must they have?

How to Embroider with Beads – Everything You Need to Start

Bead embroidery is similar to traditional embroidery and it allows you to create unique and eye-catching pictures to decorate your home or clothing items that will really make you shine. Whether you want to learn how to apply beads to your clothing, or looking for the best beading tips to embroider your first picture, don’t […]

10 tips on how to choose beads for embroidery

So you have decided to try a new craft – embroidery with beads. In this article I would like to give you some practical tips so that your work gives you maximum pleasure and minimum difficulties. In a previous post you have learned different TYPES OF BEADS, their sizes, colors and shapes. Now it is […]